Thursday, December 11, 2008

We are on the move again. This will make our 5th move in 4 1/2 years.(NC, IN, MS, IL and now TN)
We just left our beautiful home and wonderful friends in Mapleton, IL for our next adventure in Chattanooga, TN!
We are excited to be in the south again and this city is absolutely beautiful! We truly miss everyone we have grown to love in each of our past locations and spend a lot of time singing "Make new friends but keep the old, one is silver and the other gold!" to try and help us gear up for yet again, a new location.
Each of you are golden friends of ours and we are eternally grateful for your acceptance, friendship, service, love and all of the priceless memories we have taken with us.
We miss you and find comfort in the knowledge that we will one day be together again, if not in this life then the life to come. We are still holding out for more visits in this life. That said you are welcome in our home anytime your in the neighborhood and we hope to be in your neighborhood sooner then later!

We have been living in temporary housing since Dec. 1st and will be here till approx. Feb. 1st when we will move to Birr, Switzerland. We will live in Switzerland till Sept. 15th, 2009. All of our belongings are in storage and will be there till we return to Chattanooga and find a home to purchase next fall. So that means after we return in Sept. it will be back to temp. housing until we find that HOME, then hopefully our final move into it.(That will make 8 moves in 5 1/2 years, but whose counting. J/K)

We are very excited about spending time in Europe and are attempting to learn French via Rosetta Stone. We hope to visit Brandyn's cousin in Germany, my ancestors homeland in Croatia (My grandmother was full Croatian). Get back to see friends in Romania(Where Brandyn served his mission '97-'99) and then see some of the other surrounding countries. It is an amazing opportunity and we feel extremely blessed!

This has all come about because a 'headhunter' called Brandyn in September and offered him a position with a French Nuclear Power Company, Alstom. As you know Brandyn has worked for Caterpillar since graduating BYU in '04. Caterpillar offered us many opportunities and Brandyn gained much from his almost 5yrs experience with them. We feel as though this new opportunity is a gift and were not sure yet if the lord is giving it to us for past behavior or because he has need of us in these new places. Probably both but even more so it is to keep me stirred up in remembrance of the Lord and how much more I have to learn, grow and stretch to fulfill my mission here on earth. My life is still tremendously easier then my pioneer ancestors, who were driven from their homes leaving behind their belongings and sometimes family members over and over again.

Brandyn loves his new position and is anxious for the many opportunities ahead of him in the company. He is an amazing husband and father. He is tireless at providing for us. We are happy to support him and feel as though this change is inspired.

We hope to hear from you soon and will keep you posted.

Feel free to email me.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Ammon's first Bass!!!!!

So excited! Ammon was freaking out after he caught his first Bass. All by himself none the less! Cast, set hook and reeled that bad 1 3/4lb boy bass in all on his own. Dad just got the net out and scooped it up. We love living on the lake. Seriously good times.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Father's Day

When I got online to post this picture there was an email from Scott telling us to check out his blog. Glad I did......Wow!
No words can describe the amazing father Brandyn is to our boys. We are truly blessed the lord allowed him to stay on earth with us. I am truly blessed he is my husband and the example my boys watch and emulate as they learn how to be dads themselves. Thanks to Scott as well for teaching Brandyn what being a father really means.
Love, Jen
The following is from Scott & Deb's (Brandyn's parents) Blog.

"...To Be A Dad"

By Kathryn Kay Edwards (Brandyn's baby sister)

That day, my brother went to work, it was nothing new at all.
I went about my normal day until I got the call.

My heart was pounding in my chest as I listened through the phone,
"Your brother's been in an accident and might not be coming home."

My eyes soon filled with tears as thoughts went racing by,
I closed my eyes and dropped the phone and prayed he wouldn't die.

I rushed up to the hospital, I had to get there fast,
My brother's condition was unknown, who knew how long he'd last.

The doctor did not lie to us, he said he might not live,
But in my heart I knew he would, he had so much to give.

I walked down the hall of the ICU, the air smelled of stale breath,
The darkness and the gloominess reminded me of death.

I came upon my brother's room where he was lying in bed,
I took one little look at him and thought that he was dead.

There were tubes connected everywhere, there was blood upon his face,
I wanted him to be awake so that we could both embrace.

It all seemed like a nightmare, a terrible, horrible, dream,
But when I realized it wasn't, I just wanted to scream.

Sometimes that moment haunts me, although it was long ago,
What would I have done if he had died? No one will ever know.

Today, my brother is doing fine, his life has just begun,
He is now happily married and was just blessed with a son.

My brother could have died that day, but he lived and I am glad.
He needed to be here for some reason, perhaps, to be a dad.

Copyright 2002, Katy Kay Edwards

Katy wrote this powerful and inspiring poem in the 8th grade
shortly after her nephew Ammon was born. It recounts that terrible
day in 1999, when Brandyn left us for awhile before God graciously
gave him back. He now has three sons and he continues to bless our lives. Happy Father's Day, Brando. We love you... and Ryan and Jayson also.
Thanks to all my children for making me a blessed father!

Monday, May 12, 2008

Last Game of the Season

Our last soccer game was COOOOLD!
But we had a great time. The boys did great and had a lot of fun! They sure enjoyed playing against the parents for the last half. We had a lot of fun playing against them. Great exercise!

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Ahhhhh it's quite time.

It is quite time at our house. The boys are suppose to be laying in their beds quietly reading books or resting. I hear plenty of talking but at this point as long as they stay in there and are not interrupting me it is AHHHHH quite time. I only have a sec as the house is a disaster. Grandpa Monte comes in at noon this Sat. The boys have their last soccer game that morning (Against the parents, it should be interesting.) Tonight I have bunco, tomorrow homeschooling and then date night. So now is really one of my only chances to 'spruce up', or rather accomplish the major overhaul that is needed. It is amazing how much damage can be done in one day!(Let alone 7, lol) I should take before and after pictures but I am still too proud to let all of the out of town family see what it is 'really like around here.' Good news is my dryer is working again after being down for almost 2 weeks. The kitchen sink is functional after being down for 1/2 a week. So my excuses are gone. Off to work. Till later.....

Spring is here!!!

Quick report for today so we can start this blog going. It is so fun to peak into friends lives through their blogs. I hope at the very least ours will be a journal and record of our everyday living.
Today started off slow. We got our couch returned as it was being repaired for damage done during our move.
The boys and I ate "orange smiles" and cereal then did school. Ammon is so smart and Kaleb hangs right in with him, always wanting to be involved. Hyrum is absorbing tons just by hanging around as I teach. I am finding a new grove and it is working. After school we made lunch and had a picnic outside. We read and acted our stories from our core curriculum "The Brave Bull Calf", a story from England.
We love it here it is so beautiful. All the trees and bushes are in bloom and we are so glad the LONG winter is over. We watched a crane fly in and land near our deck in the shallow water. The birds are so diverse, colorful finches, cardinals, blue jays, wood peckers..... We have squirrels, chipmunks, geese, etc... We are looking forward to seeing their babies soon.
Brandyn worked a long day and went straight to church for mutual. We hope to see him soon. The boys and I are about to make some popcorn and go downstairs to start a movie. It is late but we'd rather see dad before we go to bed. Till tomorrow.