Thursday, April 30, 2009

The last pics from our first visit to the KinderMuseum

One last picture of the trains we played with.

Tickets please...
It was fun to play pretend.
We ride trains(and buses) multiple times during the week. We love it!
Brandyn rides them everyday to and from work.
We don't have a car here. It is nice most of the time. I may ask Brandyn for a chauffeur when we return to the states. LOL
Mr. Kaleb Conductor

Train track fun.

More KinderMuseum FUN!

Close up of the tracks. Still does not do it justice. Guess you had to be there.

Sweet Ball tracks!
There were lots of different tracks. We spent alot of time putting the balls through new slots and watching the new paths they would take.

More Cool Mirrors.

Cool Mirrors...

Hyrum-Sorting in German

Ok were did I leave off...Kinder Museum

Kaleb-Puppet Time...Hyrum acutally spent the most time playing with the puppets but I didn't get a good pic.

This was a fun puzzle. Both Ammon and Kaleb(pictured here) completed it.

This was pretty cool. This is a mirror with section missing so you can see through to the person on the other side. So you line up your faces and when you look at it you see your eyes but their nose etc...Kaleb and I are the ones that make up this new face. It was hilarious we laughed and laughed!

Hyrum in rapture.

Ammon studying his obscured reflection.

Friday, April 24, 2009

Kindermuseum Fun! Still March 18th-It was a busy day.

Heading to check out the upper floors.

Fun for everyone...

Whirlpool Fun!

Out front...we are so excited.!

Waiting for the Museum to open.

More Park Pics

I just love these flowers.

Hyrum headed for the mole tunnels.

Sun in the eyes!

At one of our favorite parks. (Still March 18th)

The park is under a bridge that connects Wettingen to Baden. Probably a 15 min walk for us.

On our walk to the Park (Still catching up. These were taken on March 18th)

Boys with the old Cathedral in the back ground.

More wildflowers.

Making Froggy shadows

Spring is here! These wildflowers are everywhere. It is really beautiful here.

A neat house we saw.

More pics from our first month in Switzerland...

A Power Ranger Breakfast before Church.

McDonalds Swiss Style

The boys and I out and about. You can see the river through the little arch way in the middle of the pic.

Sheep on the hillside along our path to Baden.

Ammon in Old Town Baden

Mmmmm! Swiss Chocolate.

1st Swiss outing!