Friday, March 6, 2009


April 24th, 2009 LoL- I found a whole new area of blogger called 'edit posts'. Do you know what was in it. My lost draft of the original post I was re wrote below. Can we say Insult to Injury or rather my assumed injury. Hilarious!

Ok so I was almost finished writing my post for today...I was almost finished and then suddenly it left my message and went back to my blog without saving it. ARRRRRRG! I am pretty bad at blogging as it is and I am really trying to stay up on it while we are here. Oh well, here I go again.

It has been a good day. We woke up to a wet snow falling.
Brandyn left to go check out the plant and the boys and I hung around the apt. just enjoying not having to do anything.
We put puzzles together, the boys played with their rescue hero's and took video clips with my phone.

Once dad got home we found out he had a good time at the plant. The people were nice and impressed with his Resume. He is really looking forward to learning new things and feels confident he will be able to add to the programs here as well. Another American family (one of Brandyn's co-workers from TN) arrived today. We visited briefly with them as well as Orin (another co-worker who came in the same day as us). Orin has been really great, he is the one who took us into Baden yesterday to look around.
Ammon and I went shopping today for the first time (Brandyn picked some things up the first day when he was out with a Swiss co-worker, but this was the first time for me.)
It felt great!
We Did It And We Were SO Proud!
It was a little intimidating. Not everyone speaks English here and we learned a few things by trial and error, but we figured it out!
We came home made dinner and for the first night everyone went down at a reasonable hour. I think we are finally adjusted to the time change now.
The first night we all woke around 1 am Swiss time and didn't go back to bed until 5am. Thankfully the American Family that came today lives below us and was not here then.

The boys are doing quite well and use the little German they have already picked up as often as they can. It is really cute. Just simple words like please, thank you and your welcome. I think they are going to come along with the language just fine.

I was googling LDS Missionaries in Wettingen, Switzerland today when I came across a member’s site. I was able to send her an email and she called me. She is a native Swiss married to an Englishman. Her English was good and we had a great talk. She gave me lots of info about church and the members here.
There are 180 members in the ward and 110+ attend church regularly.
There are 30 children who come to primary. Isn't that awesome!
Ammon's teacher is away for the next month and does not speak much English. The previous Bishop may be taking his place while he is away and I can't remember if she said he speaks English or not.
Kaleb's teacher is actually American and is married to a native Swiss. She has lived here 10 years and naturally speaks both languages.
Hyrum's teacher speaks English as well.
Of course classes are conducted in German. I think this will be terrific as the boys will be exposed to a lot of German while their teachers will be able to understand them. (Cause when you got to go, you got to go! Just kidding, I couldn't help it.)
We continue to feel more comfortable everyday. We still have the huge hurdle of figuring out the transportation but it is coming. I figured out on my own between two maps and the bus routes the fasted way to get to church. I was actually right, as I checked with Sabine and the Clerk at church. (Sabine is the member with the website I found, who called me.)
Anyways I need to get to bed and get this posted before it gets lost again.
We sure love everyone and hope to see some of you over here this summer.
gute Nacht

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Guten tag from Switzerland!
We made it! It is amazing. We might stay here forever.
We are still a little jet lagged but are adjusting. It is 6 hours ahead of EST.
We got in Wednesday and got oriented to the new apt and our immediate surroundings.
Today, Thursday, we walked into Baden and looked around a little more. The boys had a great time and we were fascinated by just about everything we saw. We ate out today and that will be the first and last time we do that. It cost us around $54! OUCH We had two kebabs, and the boys ate chicken nuggets with fries. We shared a drink. The boys nuggets were $1 a piece. Yes you read me right $1 a piece and they were regular size. Amazing. Were going to have a great time we will just be broke when we get home!
It was raining most of the day today. The clouds were low and it reminded me of a scene out of Peter Pan. We are truly feeling blessed.
Our apt is great. Big and spacious. (Especially compared to the hotel room we were in for the last 6 weeks!) Very modern. It looks like it is straight out of an Ikea add. Someone met us at the airport and took us to our home. A different woman was waiting at the apt. and showed me everything. They had it all set up ahead of time. We have seen lots of kids out playing and there is a playground right outside our building.
I tried to call the bishop at home tonight but there was no answer. We are looking forward to going to church on Sunday and making new friends.
I took some pics today but we are not unpacked yet and I do not know where the cords are to download them from my phone. We will try to add them tomorrow. We love you all.
-The Switzerland Edwards