Thursday, May 1, 2008

Spring is here!!!

Quick report for today so we can start this blog going. It is so fun to peak into friends lives through their blogs. I hope at the very least ours will be a journal and record of our everyday living.
Today started off slow. We got our couch returned as it was being repaired for damage done during our move.
The boys and I ate "orange smiles" and cereal then did school. Ammon is so smart and Kaleb hangs right in with him, always wanting to be involved. Hyrum is absorbing tons just by hanging around as I teach. I am finding a new grove and it is working. After school we made lunch and had a picnic outside. We read and acted our stories from our core curriculum "The Brave Bull Calf", a story from England.
We love it here it is so beautiful. All the trees and bushes are in bloom and we are so glad the LONG winter is over. We watched a crane fly in and land near our deck in the shallow water. The birds are so diverse, colorful finches, cardinals, blue jays, wood peckers..... We have squirrels, chipmunks, geese, etc... We are looking forward to seeing their babies soon.
Brandyn worked a long day and went straight to church for mutual. We hope to see him soon. The boys and I are about to make some popcorn and go downstairs to start a movie. It is late but we'd rather see dad before we go to bed. Till tomorrow.

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