Thursday, June 10, 2010

Alive and well.!

Back in the saddle again. Home in the land of the free and the home of the brave! Torn between two and Switzerland. It was truly amazing and while we are happy to be home we can't wait to go back! I wish I would have documented it better. We have a ton of pictures but not much journaling done. So I am going to try to Journal better.
Boys swam in our pond
We played with our new puppy Pal
I cleaned out the chicken feeder, pulled out old silicone and resealed the outside, then filled it all up with new feed. The Turkey gobbled at me the whole time while Ammon tried to keep the Pal (our new pup) from eating chicken and turkey droppings. Sick!
Played with a frog the size of a nickle
Talked to Brandyn via skype from France. He left Tuesday and returns a week from today, next Thursday. Man do we miss him when he is gone. If he came home and did absolutely nothing but sit on the couch (which he never does) It would be better around here then when he is gone. Just his presence makes us feel complete. He is our constant and we appreciate him so much more when we go through times with out. He works so hard for us to live free of worry or want. He is my other half and I miss him.

We absolutely love our new home! It is amazing here. 32 acres of beauty and peace. Great neighbors, fun pets, and the opportunity to self sustain...not there yet but working toward it. Brandyn said I am really happy. I do feel at home in away I never have before. I miss many friends that we have left a long the way but know that I would never have had them if I had not moved in the first place. Once again we have found a great church family. A terrific home school group 70 families strong. Just a really fun place we tons of great resources.

Ammon turned 8 in April. Brandyn's parents as well as my Mom and her good husband Bill both traveled to be with him for his Baptism. It was such a special day. He is growing up and making such good choices. We were so happy for him. Ammon loves to ride his bike with his brothers and go fishing with his dad. Even after a year off (in Switzerland, we didn't bring our poles) he is still a skilled fisherman. He has started scouts and is doing great.

Kaleb is following his big brother's example as well as being a great example to his younger brother. He is learning more and more about Jesus Christ, Heavenly Father, their love and plan for him. He desires to make righteous choices and sincerely repents when he doesn't feel good about choices he makes after yielding to temptations. He is a very conscience child and we love him. He loves his new pup Pal and takes a great deal of care and responsibility as he tends to his many needs.

Hyrum-We love this kid! He is a ball full of energy. Yet so tender and innocent while being so determined at times. While looking a picture of Hyrum when he was a bit younger Kaleb said "man he is so cute" He is very kind, quick witted and polite. Then he is a little ball of fury at other times and he is just so darn cute we don't know what to do with him at times.
We are so happy to be a family. So happy to work together and help one another to return to live with our Father in Heaven as well as each other someday.

Brandyn-as I mentioned is in France and is adjusting to his new job as it is ever changing. He has an hour commute each way and we are trying to get used to that. He just got called into the Branch Presidency as a counselor so once again adjusting our schedule and routines. Actually not sure if we have ever really gotten to have a routine as our lives have been filled with uprooting yearly. Marvelous opportunities and experiences have been woven in so the sacrifice of re-inventing our routine has been more then worth it.
Life has not been easy all of the time but truly worth it!
Well the kids are calling and dinner needs to be made. I personally have more irons in the fire then I can count. Trying to get them down on paper so I can gain perspective. Some days I am cruising along, while others I feel like I am drowning. Overall I am truly blessed. With a wonderful family. A loving eternal companion. A lovely home, plenty of food to eat, the opportunity to continue my education, to home school my children to grow and have joy.
Truly blessed.

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scrappiemom said...

So good to hear from you. Your family is growing so fast! I guess we wouldn't notice so much if we saw you more. "Talked" to your mother the other day on FB. Isn't the internet a great tool? We love you and your family. Take care. Aunt Robie.